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The Moving Company®
The Moving Company is a performance art ensemble creating temporary sculptures in public spaces that deal with empathy.
The Moving Company is strives to develop an inter-media genre of performance that originates from and expands the definitions of dance and sculpture: non-dance dance, performance art that can be read in sculptural terms, and sculptures that talk back to post-modern dance. TMC hopes to contribute to expanding performance art to include creation of social spaces and temporary communities where people can interact and connect to one another on an immediate human level. And establish TMC as a new model of a performing group, which invites an ever-growing roster of participants, and serves as a laboratory for movement research and partnerships.
Founded and directed by Tamar Ettun
Movers: Laura Bernstein (social project director), Tina Wang, ruby onyinyechi amanze, Mor Mendel,
Maia Karo, Rebecca Pristoop, Sabrina Shapiro,
Annabel Paran, Haleigh Nickerson,
Eva Davidova, Nathan Albright.
Intern: Amanda Grossman

The Moving Company is excited to launch a new SOCIAL PROJECT with at-risk youth at the Community Counseling and Mediation Center in Crown Heights.
Youth and movers will collaborate in a series of bi-monthly play-shops on the yearly theme and color: aggression and PINK. Through conversations, story telling, costume making and movement with objects, we will break down aggression as it is expressed through the body, how it relates to empathy, and can lead to conflict resolution. The movement vocabulary developed in these workshops will serve as a material for the construction of the PINK chapter.
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Costume design for BLUE and YELLOW by Ella Dagan
Costume design for PINK by Ab[Screenwear]
Design by Other Means
Development by Andrew McCarthy
Space sponsor: A.I.R. Gallery
Social Project Partner: The Brooklyn Museum

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